Your Gym options in Yamba

Your Gym options in Yamba.

It isn’t hard to see why Yamba was voted the Best Small Town in Australia. We have a huge variety of beaches, points, headlands, fishing spots and National Parks plus really awesome people and local businesses. With this comes an opportunity to be fit and healthy. But where to start?  There are so many gym and training options here. In this article I’m going to list what I think your main options are and my opinion on what they can do for you.

Yamba, NSW

Having had the best life growing up here in Yamba, I took the opportunity to join the Army at 22 and experience life from a different perspective to the general ‘get a job’ scenario. I have been lucky enough to see a bit more of Australia travelling up and down the Qeensland coast many times in a mini bus or even a beastly old Land Rover. Great times! My time in the Army, plus a few years on the Sunshine Coast kept me away from Yamba for 15 years (although I regularly visited my parents here as often as I could). I moved back in December 2011 and have been blown away by the training options available.

Here is a list of what I think are your best gym and training options in Yamba, feel free to add a comment and let me know your opinion.

1. Peak Health – The first main private gym to be opened in Yamba by Rob Imeson. Rob did a fantastic job getting this business started and educating Yamba folk on the benefits of training. After quite a few years in business Rob moved on and sold his business. It’s now in the hands of Dane Mitchell who is a big Crossfit convert. I like Crossfit, but it doesn’t suit my preference for training. I love how it’s brought Olympic lifting and calisthenics back into mainstream training. If you want to get stuck into high intensity endurance based training, then Crossfit is for you and Peak Health is the gym in Yamba for you.

2. Waves – After many transformations from a number of gym names, Waves is currently doing business at the Yamba squash courts. Waves gym cater for the average person looking to use a commercial based gym facility. They have good rates, allow you to have private swipe access in later hours (when there isn’t staff present) and have plenty of equipment and classes to choose from. I think their biggest drawcard is their creche. If you’re a Mum with a handbrake or two (kids) and can’t get to the gym, Waves is a great option for you.

3. Heart & Soul – Run by a couple who base themselves from Sydney & Byron Bay, this gym is a commercial based facility which is also franchised in Sydney & Byron Bay. They focus heavily on high membership to keep their rates lower than most. This gym is great if you are on a limited budget and just need somewhere to train unsupervised. Their classes are focussed toward cardio. If they make the step to get some good trainers on board, Heart and Soul has potential due to its central location to the shopping centre.

4. Raymond Laurie Sports Centre – This facility is council owned and regulated. They run a variety of classes under the supervision of head trainer Regan who has a great reputation amongst Yamba locals. Variety is the biggest drawcard here with boxing classes, pilates, cardio/fitness, strength and whilst also running a large number of sporting competitions such as indoor soccer, basketball and roller derby. Popular Yamba physio Simon Ruse and Yamba Dietitian Jess Chapman also run their respective businesses from here. This is the family centre which has a bit of everything for everyone. On most occasions the gym is unsupervised so it’s important that you know what you are doing if using the facility for your own purposes.

The Gym Yamba – Where the work gets done!

5. The Gym Yamba – Well I have to give myself a plug right? I can confidently say that the biggest advantage of coming here is my focus on getting results for YOU. Since opening in March this year every one of The Gym’s clients has improved their strength and fitness, increased their lean muscle mass whilst also dropping significant levels of bodyfat. Check out testimonials here!

Every time you step into my training facility you are guaranteed to walk out better than when you walked in, whether you’ve learned something new, worked on your strength and/or fitness or just enjoyed the fantastic camaraderie that we revel in. Twelve years in the Army teaches you a lot about creating a positive working environment and teaching people how to work together. Let me say that spending five months overseas living on top of a hill in a large tent with ten other people teaches you a few things about teamwork.

So what do we do here? We use all implements available to adhere to our motto and get you ‘Fitter, Stronger, Faster’. At The Gym we focus the group training around athlete based strength & conditioning programs which I’ve modified into hybrid circuit training. These classes include all aspects of strength training using your bodyweight, Olympic lifting, weight training, running, skipping plus a whole lot more. But if you find some of this intimidating, don’t be scared off just yet… on!

Don’t worry,  if you can’t do any of that now, I’ll TEACH you! No one is born knowing how to do any of that stuff, you LEARN it.  I focus heavily on proper technique. Many people have come to me in the past few months after having trained in other gyms for years yet can’t do one correct squat or pushup. Together we work on your technique so you will enjoy the same great results as the current Gym members. I’ve been told by all of my clients that my group training sessions are like getting PERSONAL TRAINING in a group training environment. You will always be monitored and assisted throughout your entire training session!

But we aren’t just group training either. Many of my clients are Personal Training clients who are getting sensational results. Significant increases in strength, bodyfat shredding workouts & huge improvements in joint mobility, is the spine behind my programming. No matter whether you are looking for personal training, group classes or even just a facility for your own training, The Gym will suit you plus you will always get a level of coaching from me to help you with your technique.

If you have any questions about what we do here or where and how to train just drop in for a chat, and don’t worry – I won’t try and sell you on a gym membership, or lock you into a contract – I’m not a salesman, I’m a personal trainer / strength and conditioning coach.

I believe in the way we train here at The Gym Yamba, in fact I believe in it so much that to help you decide where to train in Yamba, I will give you one week of group training at The Gym for FREE.

Yes, I am giving away ONE WEEK FREE of group training for all Yamba locals. You come in and pay nothing, nil, nihil, nada, kosong for ONE WEEK! No contract, no hard sell, no payment. Just some good old fashioned hard work amongst a group of dedicated people working on their technique and getting real results. Click here and book yourself in for a week of FREE training now!

Being fit and healthy means you can enjoy all Yamba has to offer. Come and see us soon, you’ll be glad you did.

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The Gym Yamba – 0408758937


5 thoughts on “Your Gym options in Yamba

  1. It is pretty clear that after reading your comments on Gyms in Yamba and the lack of people that actually have ‘Liked it’ you are struggling with the competition and feel the need to speak of other clubs to in fact make yourself look bigger and better! Good luck as a business owner because you are going to need it! No one cares what you think unfortunately let alone the fact you have never even experienced all of the gyms in Yamba to form an opinion. Clearly you have too much time on your hands.

    • Aime,
      Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry I didn’t pay cash to all the other gyms in town to check them out before writing about them. Obviously my intention was to make my business “look bigger and better” but I did ensure that I didn’t belittle anyone else. Sorry you felt that way. Good luck in your business. I’m really enjoying running mine!! 😉

  2. Great to get a rundown in a positive way about all gyms in Yamba. I personally experienced a rude and unhelpful person when I enquired about they equipment..Put me off going to any but have heard great things about The Gym. Keep up the good work Matt

    • Thanks Moni for your positive feedback. Come in and check us out, you won’t ever experience any rudeness whatsoever! First session is free and there is no obligation to come back (or any hard selling) if you decide it’s not for you. We have a sensational group of people here at The Gym Yamba and they are all kicking butt!!

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