How To Build Muscle and Lose Fat

I think we all get caught up in the myriad of information available on the internet these days and can get caught up in the marketing tactics on how to ‘Lose Fat Fast’ or ‘Build Bigger Biceps’ or ‘Get a Six Pack in Two Minutes a Day’.

So what am I discussing with you? Is it another marketing tactic? No. This is straight-up no bullshit information for you to use in your training whether you train here at The Gym Yamba, at home by yourself or at some other gym.

So how do you build muscle fast and lose fat? Well without getting terribly technical and giving out crazy training programs and specific fat loss diets, here is the crux of what I’m going to advise…..DO SOMETHING! Yep, it doesn’t matter what you do, but you need to do something. Commit yourself to 3 months/90 days/13 weeks however you look at it, you need to give yourself that amount of time to recognise a change. So here is my advised plan on what to do:

1. Set yourself a legitimate achievable measureable goal. For example: I want to lose 10kg of fat, or, I want to fit into a ‘whatever’ sized jeans, or, I want to be able to see my abs, or, I want to be able to do a pushup/pullup. Something measureable. Then write it down and stick it up somewhere visible in your house or at your work….or both!

2. Then pick just ONE ‘physical’ method to focus on to achieve it. I would advise either group strength training classes or a strength & conditioning training program (at The Gym Yamba) . Just find one and stick to it for 3 MONTHS!!! Doesn’t mean you can’t do other methods of activity, but stick to that ONE method and do what it requires of you 100%. If you do other methods, I recommend hill sprints once or twice per week, surfing and just riding your bike and/or walking. The more activity the better and quicker your results will be.

3. Then actually DO your chosen physical method 3-4 times per week. Don’t pretend you’re going to the gym because you’ve paid for a membership, or, because you go once per week, or, because you are thinking about going, or, because you tell your friends/family you go. You have to DO THE WORK to get results. Get keen, turn up and DO the work.

4. Once you have your training method sorted out, then work out an eating plan. You can buy some online plan, see a dietitian for a plan, or just work it out yourself, but you need to come up with a healthy straight forward method of eating and STICK TO IT! I’m not a dietitian but the simplest method of cleaning up your diet is this: remove sugar, dairy & gluten from your life. Avoiding alcohol is also recommended. The occasional beer or two here and there is fine but don’t make it a go-to nightly routine after work. Eat plenty of freshly grown (organic preferred)vegetables, some fruit, meat, nuts and good oils (olive, macadamia, coconut). Keep the starchy vegetables to a minimum unless you have a high energy output each day (labouring job, etc.). That’s my ‘non-qualified’ advice on eating. Take it as you will.

So there you have it. Nothing magical or complicated. Eat clean and stick to a training plan for 3 months. Come back to me after 3 months and tell me how you went. If you didn’t get any changes then at least you’ve done something to know what you must change. But if you change from week to week you’ll have no idea what works for you and what doesn’t.

At the moment we have many of The Gym Yamba members doing the 13 Week Body Challenge. Those who are dropping weight and/or cm’s off the waist are doing the work. Nothing magical or scientific. Turn up, train, go home, eat clean then go about your daily duties.

If you are into strength training then I would recommend getting a program from any of these guys: – Jason is a fitness industry veteran (20+years). Knows his shit and walks the talk. Has solid training programs & he also wrote ‘The Renegade Diet’ – an awesome resource on getting lean and building muscle using intermittent fasting. A great resource for getting lean and building muscle. – John Romaniello is a well educated, professionally spoken and highly motivated strength coach who does walk the talk. He has great training programs on good nutrition and strength training. His speciality is certainly fat loss and looking good with your shirt off. 😉 A recommended resource from beginners to advanced. – Eric is one of the best strength coaches around. Most of his advice & programs is quite technical and is mainly for the experienced lifter however he does have some programs for beginners. I used his Show & Go program last year and increased my bench press from 1RM 100kg to 120kg in 3 months. I’m just about to start using it again. – Joe DeFranco is a legend in the strength training world and trains some seriously high profile athletes. One of his most famous clients is the hard hitting WWE wrestler Triple H. Joe has a myriad of training programs that will get you big, strong and functional. I did his BADASS program earlier this year. Great program that made me realise I wasn’t as fit or as strong as I thought I was. – Obviously your best local resource is The Gym Yamba where you will improve your strength, fitness & mobility with my high quality superior value personal training sessions. Results are guaranteed! Group classes are another popular method of activity – all of my clients have improved all aspects of their fitness, mobility and strength over the past 6 months since opening my doors. These classes are filling up fast and due to limited training space I will begin capping the classes to maintain quality training. So get in soon or you may miss out!! Or you can just come and use The Gym Yamba to do your own program.

So there you have it. A method to get you started and some options for training. Results are all about simplicity. The more you confuse it the less likely you are to GET IT DONE. So make a decision and start. You know have 3 months until Christmas. Start now & reward yourself in 3 months with a nice gift to top it all off after your 3 months of dedication and hard work. Do it!

Give me a call on 0408 758 937 or just pop in to 7/9 Uki St, Yamba and have a chat about your goals. No hard selling here. Just honest straight up training!

Matt – The Gym Yamba


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