The #1 Most Important Element For Results

After recently reading a blog post written last year by Sean Hyson, it made me think about the importance of including this #1 most important element into your training to get the best results possible.

You can have the best training program in the world, but your results will still lag behind their full potential without it.

They say that diet is close to 90-95% of the battle with achieving physical results. But still, without this one element, most people find it very difficult to maintain their diet or stick to their training.

How many people do you know who just keep on keeping on at their gym or out pounding the pavement only to really never see results? How many of these same people yo-yo up and down with their weight, or start a solid nutrition plan only to fall off the rails within weeks?

What does this happen? It’s because generally, they aren’t including this one crucial step in their life.

Training with like-minded supportive people in a place you WANT to be.

This isn’t just for those looking to lose weight or put on a few kg’s of muscle, it’s for everyone in every element of training – amateur to elite!

Here is a quote from one of the worlds STRONGEST guys, Dave Tate:
“Find a group of people you can train with. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing. If it’s a good program or a bad program, I guarantee you 100% it’s going to be a better program than what anybody’s going to write for you who’s never done a (powerlifting) meet before… Even if the program isn’t optimal, you’ll be with a group of people who will work your technique, which is going to do more for you than any program. And you can drive off their energy.”

We have just started a Body Transformation Challenge here at The Gym Yamba. Even after one week, it’s amazing to see everyone in this gym raising the benchmark every training session – pushing each other to achieve more. They are all motivating each other to eat better and be healthier. They even text or call each other if they have a few queries about food options.

You are significantly stronger when you have someone to push you through the hard reps. You are significantly faster when it all seems to hard and a gym partner is clipping at your heels – no way they can beat you! It’s not about over-training or going beyond your physical limits every session, but it’s about beating your brain at what you think you can do, and actually doing what your body CAN do. Training should always be about progressive overload – Getting FITTER, STRONGER, FASTER!

I’ve used plenty of gyms over the years, and I must say I haven’t ever witnessed the camaraderie that we have here at The Gym Yamba. I know it’s my gym and I should say that, but I’m purely saying it as an unbiased opinion. A long term client of mine said this to me the other day and it sums this post up perfectly “I’ve been a member at all sorts of gyms, but I love coming here the most because there’s no ‘clicky’ groups. Everyone comes in, does their work, pushes each other and goes home to their families. There’s never an expectation to be part of a group. I love that.”

It doesn’t matter if you live here in Yamba or elsewhere, and it doesn’t matter which gym you go to. Just make sure that the people around you are keeping you honest and are providing you with the support you need to achieve your goals….because that’s the primary focus of The Gym Yamba……




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